Stairway to Heaven.

What’s the first thing you see when you walk through the door?  Okay, other than that untidy shoe rack in the porch or hallway and the pile of unopened letters stacked up against the wall!

Stairs often dominate any hallway.  They’re not always the most uplifting of sights and often get neglected and ignored.  However, with a little bit of love and attention, they can become a true statement to any home.

Not everyone has the luxury of a swooping grand Georgian staircase, with wrought iron balustrades and intricate architectural detail; enticing your eyes up towards the resplendent rooms of the floor above.  With a little imagination you can inject a sense of fun and curiosity to your humble staircase.  After all, they deserve a face-lift after the burden of family life 24 hours a day 7 days a week, plus you will also reap the benefits.  By bringing a little more joy into your every day use and making bed time that little more satisfying, all of a sudden they will transform into a “Stairway to Heaven”…if you please.

Here are some ideas for you all to get inspired by…

 1. Add beautiful wallpaper to your stair risers for an original staircase design.

Flock wallpaper patterns on the stairs? #interiordesign #decor

 Pink and Aqua Wallpapers from Seabrook for the staircase. Antique but with a bold Cabbage Rose pattern. Uploaded by rickijilltrip.

modern wallpaper with tree pattern for staircase decorating

2. Paint your stairs, either one block colour as a stair runner effect, or go through different shades of the same for the in-fashion ombre effect. Or just go wild and paint them however you decide!

Ombre staircaseinspiration escaliers

Love the painted stairs.  Plus - like this as a look for the house entrance - keeps a bit of a hall and the rest seems wider.staircase crush

3. Get a funky coloured carpet or runner…

Pink stair runnerstairsPeacock Runner by The Rug CompanyDash and Albert Bed of Roses carpeted staircase

4. Just go with your imagination and make it personal to your home, besides, there’s no place like it!

Painted stair runnerI love painting stairs like this!Yellow accent wall / stairsNumbered decals on stairs as a learning tool for kids - fun idea for Basement steps. Add a picture of three of something etc, beside it.chevron stairs

Happy climbing!


6 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven.

  1. I’ve seen people using washi tape on their stairs in a similar way to the last photo. It’s easily peeled off and can be used to try out any ideas before making them permanent, or can be used as a temporary measure, for example for a party.


    1. Yes I have seen this too Lauren. It’s a great way to be flexible and non-committal with different ideas! A great way to update your interior for the changing seasons. If I had stairs I’d be doing exactly that! Perfect for kids parties too 🙂 Thank you for the comment lovely xx


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