Rental Revamp!

This is an area I feel extremely passionate about.  All I’ve ever longed for was a home to call my own.  Somewhere I could release all my creative ideas upon.  However,  like most people in their mid-twenties,  it is more than likely you will be restricted to do anything too permanent.  I have been renting for over eight years and my frustration has reached its pinnacle;  particularly after graduating at KLC…

Recently,  I have been looking  towards ways in which you can update a room without breaking the bank,  whilst also offering  a stop-gap solution to enhance your space.  Being frugal is fun,  and a fashion statement in itself these days!  Once you have discovered a few tricks and mastered the techniques you will want to utilise them everywhere you live.

Your walls will more than likely be a delightful magnolia dream if your Landlord has anything to do with it and that is usually the way they want it to stay.  Paint and wallpaper are usually forbidden in rented accommodation,  unless you get really lucky, so here are a few ideas to inject interest to your walls.

Get a fresh look.  Instead of pasting your walls with wallpaper why not buy an over-sized frame and line it with your favourite design.  It will make a statement in any home and has the luxury of being changed if you tire from it.  Or you could have a selection of different sized frames if you can’t possibly decide between designs.

Framed wallpaper

There are some fantastic products out there now including the likes of temporary wallpapers.  This revolutionary idea is incredibly sought after among renters who want to customise their space with little commitment and there are a growing number of retailers who have cottoned on to it’s appeal.  You have a plethora of choice nowadays including imitation wood and brick effect wallpapers and on-trend designs.

Discover more  at:-

Another way to update your walls without any cause for concern are the popular vinyl stickers.  They have had a bad reputation in the past,  but the quality  has improved and you can get your hands on a variety of designs at a reasonable price and personalise a space instantly.  From silhouettes,  inspirational quotes or simple geometric shapes you can create something truly unique.

Tree silhouette

Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Art  Little Hearts by urbanwalls on Etsy

Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Decals Dream Catcher by StickersForLife, $28.99

Triangles on the wall <3

Charles Eames - Take Your Pleasure Seriously Sticker - Moon Wall Stickers

On the subjects of stickers,  you can also update your mundane generic white tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.  Tile stickers will transform your space with peace of mind of heat and water resistant qualities.

Check out:- for more inspiration on vinyl stickers of every kind.

Self Adhesive Wall Tiles Mandalas

Portuguese Tiles Azulejos

Another top tip to transformation is to up-cycle your existing furniture.  There are a number of ways you can experiment with this and it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to achieve exciting and stylish results.

You could paint it.  Experiment with a bold colour,  get stylish with a stencil,  or why not trial a dip dye or ombre effect for extra drama?  There are many paints out there now that are very easy to use and often don’t need any time-consuming priming at all!  For instance,  I have just recently used Annie Sloan chalk paints on my dining table and chairs and they have turned out a treat!

Kitchen table top stained with Minwax Provincial and legs painted Freshwater (Sherwin Williams) with Provincial stain wiped on and off. Brush on Tung Oil to finish it (Waterlox or Minwax)

dresser attributed to Nick Olsen via House Beautiful

Gotta do this dipped painted legs on my sewing / craft table to give it a new life. #diy #paint #table #design

Ombré dresser; also love the gallery wall.

Dabble in decoupage.  It is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects,  gold leaf and so on.  You could go the full hog or even line your chest of drawers with contrasting wallpaper designs for a daring look.  Another idea for impact is to line the back of a bookcase with a simple geometric pattern.  You can be as creative as you want.

15 doable D.I.Y ideas & tutorials - can use any of these ideas to make the dresser shown.

Unique and Inexpensive Apartment Decorating Ideas : Apartment Living

diy home decor ideas | 25 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas To Use Maps | Shelterness

And finally,  something incredibly straight forward,  change your knobs…  By this I mean door handles,  kitchen cabinets, chest of drawers,  bedside tables- anything you can pull open!  It seems somewhat trivial but trust me its in the detailing where style gets noticed.  You can find these treasures in abundance in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your home,  your choice is endless.  Here are a few fun ones I adore from one of my favourite stores,  Anthropologie.

omg. SO cute - they look like brooches.  Entomology Knob -

Gemstone Sparkle Knob

door Knob

I hope I have provided inspiration for all the renters out there-  I know it has sparked up a plethora of ideas for my own home. This has made me realise I no longer need to feel restricted with what I can do to personalise my space.  In fact,  I’m certain these ideas will travel with me once I eventually find myself a homeowner.  Until then,  I have plenty of time to practice!


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