When did winter happen?!

It is fair to say,  winter is upon us but it seems to have snuck up so suddenly.  After our record breaking summer,  topped off by the 21 degrees this Halloween we have definitely had an extended treat this season.  This seemingly shocking change in climate,  may have left you feeling unprepared in many ways.  Personally,  I find myself in a sense of panic,  desperate in the search for the ultimate winter coat!

That aside,  a lot of people associate this time with a feeling of melancholy and pessimism.  For me,  the transition from autumn to winter is a magical time.  Beautiful rich colours have emerged.  Mornings are mysteriously invigorating.  Days are shorter,  which compels that constant desire to go home and unwind.  The fast pace of summer has gone and we instinctively drop down a gear.  Its a time of appreciation and reflection.  The pressure to look good on the beach is all but a distant memory,  and now,  it is all about feeling comfortable-  the more layers the better.  Hallelujah!

You can extend this through to the home too.  Layering is used in design to create dynamic,  harmonious spaces in many different ways.  You can use it with lighting,  dressing a window or,  literally,  layering a mix of tactile textures and complimentary colours.

Here are a few ways to use this concept of layering in the home to conjure up the spirit of this transitional time we are faced with.  Imagine it.  You are curled up by a roaring open fire,  face down in your favourite book,  sipping on a nice little tipple to warm your cockles.  You cannot get better than that.  Enjoy!


layer of Persian rugs...A good way to use the extra rugs in my collection...pile 'em on...
Layering rugs and pattern


Relaxed and cosy textiles transform this otherwise stripped back space


Frédéric Fekkai’s Living Room  Celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai relishes his downtime at a Millbrook, New York, country house where big-city chic embraces rural comforts; decoration by Selina van der Geest. Here, Dorchester picture lights from Circa Lighting illuminate the living room bookcase; the ottoman is upholstered in a Donghia cotton.
Layer with colour to create a cohesive space


Layering with pattern, colour and window treatments creating an eclectic, yet comfortable space


Below are some high street brands which have some fantastic options to help keep you toasty warm this winter,  as well as bringing some understated style without breaking the bank.


H&M Home Autumn Collection 2014


H&M Home 2014 collection


Zara Home Collection 2014


Zara Home Collection 2014


For more inspiration go to their websites:




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