It’s all in the detail…

It is creeping towards six months since I started my new role as a Design Assistant and boy have I been busy! Every day I learn something new and every day I look at the team around me and realise how incredibly lucky I am to have their support.

One thing I have taken away from the studio from the offset is the over-whelming tenacity to always strive to scrutinise the details from every angle. Whether they are simply aesthetic or ergonomic, it is these details that will strike a chord and leave that ever lasting impression on those who appreciate and recognise good, thoughtful design.

This theme of detail is something I want to explore further.  From personal touches you can use throughout the home, as well as practical considerations you should really adhere to.


1. Be coherent, but don’t be an over kill.

The most common starting point when updating your home is choosing your favourite colour. There’s no harm in that by all means, however please do not be a victim of littering your entire living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with every possible shade of purple. Although this is known as a monochromatic scheme, and is thought to be very chic in the industry, it is incredibly difficult to pull off – especially in every room! Considerations such as: natural light and proportions of the room can also have a detrimental affect on certain colour choices. You could reframe and dedicate it to one special room to create a sophisticated scheme or, for minimal effort and maximum effect, why not introduce a neutral or dare to be bold with a contrasting colour. You could also highlight your favourite colour in a statement furniture piece or dot it around in interesting patterns and textures in furnishings and accessories. Remember though, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same shade throughout. Slight variances adds character and gestures a subtle nod to your beloved colour addiction. I believe little reminders of your favourite colour will be a lot more exciting, even for you.


yellow sofa



2. Consider your surroundings.

Do you live by the seaside, in a bustling city or a rural country setting? Pick up on the environment and culture around you with details in your home. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to convert a building with a historical past? Or maybe you live abroad? Whether you play homage in artwork or accessories, or reflect it through finishes in your home this really adds that little something extra to make it feel unique and special. Again, subtlety in your referencing is key. You don’t want your seaside retreat to resemble that of a beach hut…






3. Let your personality shine through.

The most important expression in the home. It is yours after all and if you don’t feel comfortable at home then there’s something very wrong. It could be anything from a hobby, favourite animal, music or love of a particular design period. Maybe you want to retrace your family footsteps? Where were you born and what’s special about your heritage? What makes you, you. Be as revealing as you like it’s your own special space.





4. Sometimes you have to let your head rule your heart.

Design does have to be practical too. There’s no point investing in a statement piece of furniture if you can’t use it to it’s full potential- or even worse it doesn’t fit! Yes you might fall head over heels with a beautiful mid century dining table and chairs set but if you can’t open the door to get to it then it was a pretty pointless purchase! This is a rather silly example, but always remember, your measuring tape is your best friend. Thinking about mobility and ergonomics in the home is just as important as it is in a restaurant or bar. In fact, it is more personal to your requirements. It might be that you are taller or shorter than the average so heights in counter tops or shelves may need more consideration than normal.

So remember, details in design are crucial in creating something that truly stands out above the rest and works for you. Once you consider these points in your home you will definitely appreciate it.




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