Get your heart all of a flutter with these fabulous floors.


You can really make an impression with a good floor choice. Whether it’s a luxurious carpet or tantalising tiles there’s something out there for all tastes and needs. Check out these ideas below and get your hearts racing this month!

Add warmth with wood.

If you are not fortunate enough to have gorgeous original floorboards in your home, you can install an impressive timber floor with minimum fuss. Whether you keep it traditional, experiment with different plank widths, play with the way you lay or even add colour. Due to the expansion of products on the market, there are many ways to wear wood on your floors. Engineered wood is an increasingly popular choice due to its durability, however if affordability is key then the quality of imitation wood vinyls are ever evolving and easy to install.


Photograph by Line Klein


Zenati & Edri Parquet

Lea Ceramiche


Photograph by Hiroyuki Hirai


Out on the tiles.

There is an abundance of choice out there to suit any style. You can have fun with all sorts of shapes, sizes, colour ways and patterns. Combine with other materials or try out the latest craze and extend it up the walls! Just be sure to check any after care guidelines, slip ratings and PEI ratings and you’ll soon be on your way to owning a floor to be proud of!


CKR Tiles

Similar tiles from Exquisite Surfaces


Ragno-Rewind Collection


CKR Tiles


It’s a corker…
At first instance this may sound like an anomalous choice, but cork has been used for flooring for over a century! It is a wise choice for the environmentally conscious and has huge benefits, with natural insulation and anti- microbial properties. It has the aesthetic of textured hardwood, the soft give of carpet as well as the easy maintenance of vinyl. Brilliant for acoustics too, this floor decision is a no brainer in my eyes.


Globus cork tiles



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