No more excuses.

To start the ball rolling with this new feature I’ve decided it best to lay into myself on my lack of commitment and down right laziness.

I haven’t run since Sunday.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for Sunday I wouldn’t have run for a whole week! (Although I was ill so I’m not too concerned.)
Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue but I made a pact to myself, and more importantly to my boyfriend, that I would commit to running three times a week. On April the 3rd I will be participating in my second half marathon- this time in Berlin. January was inspired! Probably self consciously having something to do with New Year’s resolutions and good intentions. Why do they always seem to trail off as soon as February hits? No. I won’t let it get the better of me. I’ve come to actually enjoy running. Even the weather is rarely an issue these days. I’ve got a long way to go before I enjoy hills though. Actually, running down them is ok. Maybe that is the enjoyment for most.

Anyway, my problem this week has been excuses. I haven’t wanted to get up before travelling into London to go to work, and I haven’t particularly fancied getting home from London and running afterwards either. I guess no one instinctively wants to commit to that though do they? I need to train my brain. Also, passing on my illness to my boyfriend hasn’t helped matters as he hasn’t been interested either- which is very out of character and not the best motivator for me, selfishly! Work/ life balance has not been my strong point since becoming a regular 9-5 goer. It’s something I really need to, now, give a bit of planning and thought towards. Especially now that I’ve gone from running around like a blue- arsed fly to sitting on my arse all day long! So personal pep talk over. Let’s aim to leave the office on time today and go for that run…


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