Designer crush: Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern

Ever since I discovered this designer a few years ago I have been a huge fan of her work. Her style is full of bewitching contradiction.

Where she’s playful with scale her colours and detailing are moody and dramatic. She describes her own style as:

“Eclectic, kaleidoscopic and a little tongue in cheek”

She’s a risk taker in her designs, pushing boundaries and creating as much visual tension as humanly possible. Understated is not in this designer’s vocabulary and that is what I admire.

Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern.

Pack a punch and team masculine over-sized furniture with over the top feminine flourishes and accessories. Decorate, adorn and embellish with beautiful flowers, vintage mirrors, artwork and candles. Why not treat yourself and buy her best- selling big country blooms!

Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern

Lighting is undeniably key too. If you think you have enough you probably haven’t! Layer up your lighting with decorative pendants and quirky table lamps and be sure to add candle light for extra ambience in the evenings.

Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern

One of her many secrets is to paint joinery, skirting and ceiling (if you dare) all the same colour as your walls. It’s a brave and bold act to follow but she promises it will change your life!

Above everything else, she is a big believer in not having to break the bank to have style in your home. You can build upon it over time and create a space that really identifies who you are.

Click on the link below to visit her gorgeous store Atelier, and stock up on something special that will truly transform your home.


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