Spring has sprung.

Apologies for the absence folks! It’s been a busy few weeks with plenty passing us by in the calendar. We’ve had Valentine’s Day, seen in a leap year, and also welcomed the first official day of Spring! The weeks have escaped me without mercy. It almost doesn’t seem possible does it? Although, it certainly hasn’t felt like Spring with that brutal chill; and  some cases even snow! However, last week graced us with a little sprinklng of optimism. Dawn and dusk are undeniably lighter, and nature is waking from it’s sleepy bed. This has, gratefully, had a direct affect on my own dormant state I’ve come to adopt this winter. It’s time to celebrate this beautiful time of year, for it is truly a magical one. If you ask me, there’s no better way to reflect this transformative season than in your home. De-clutter, re-arrange furniture and brighten up your home with cheerful colour; I guarantee you we feel instant gratification. This is the perfect time of year to get inspired. Design houses and showrooms alike are busying themselves over the next months to showcase their new spring/ summer collections.

London Design Week 2016 has had it’s trade preview this week up, and continues open to the public from Wednesday until Friday the 18th March. If you find yourself with some spare time I would highly recommend a visit. With regular talks on design from the very best in the trade, to global new talent, it is the perfect place to connect.

Tap on the link below for full information and check out their “Six of the best” for March.

London Design Week

Six of the Best- March

If you are fully booked this week then don’t threat as another top event is heading our way. Clerkenwell Design Week starts from the 24th-26th May. After attending for the first time last year, I can safely say it’s a design enthusiasts must see! Home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the World, it stimulates and delivers on every level.

Tap on the link below for more information on how you can sign up for free.

Clerkenwell Design Week


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