That’s a bit Irish…

After spending a little less than a week in Ireland, seeing friends for St Patrick’s Day and staying with family for birthday celebrations, there were a few things I picked up on which struck me during my time on the Emerald Island.

1. It didn’t rain once! In fact it was extremely bright and pleasant for the entire trip. We managed a couple of runs whilst we were there and did plenty of exploring whilst staying in Dalkey and Termonfeckin.

Dalkey, Ireland
Termonfeckin , Ireland

2. Design is frozen in time. I’m not sure if this is just reflective of the places we visited, however I noticed an unassuming charm in their interior design. Pubs were good old fashioned pubs- not a lot left to the imagination. Much too much mahogany and varnish, with terrible lighting and absolutely no thought in spatial planning- not to mention obligatory, tacky St Paddy’s Day decorations. It was humbling. In fact, I picked up on a design feature I’ve never come across before. Drogheda is home to a pub known as McPhails Bar. I nearly walked straight passed it, it was that impressionable from the outside! Inside, however, it has these individual wooden barrier doors coming off at the bar. They create intimate, snug spaces which in turn makes you feel as though you’re in your own personal pub! At first it felt quite alienating but, bizarrely, after some time, I grew quite attached to it- they even served us Pizza at half time, no charge! Much like the good old days, when pubs in England had roast potatoes on the bar you could help yourself to, except I felt this was a much better deal.

McPhail’s Bar, Drogheda

3. I’ve decided I do like (and I can drink) pints of Guiness! The fact I was at Croke Park on St Patrick’s Day, watching the finals of the Hurling and Gaelic football may have influenced, but I’ve definitely acquired a taste for the stuff!

Croke Park, GAA

So there you go, a few observations I found a bit out of the ordinary from Ireland. Not a great deal to do with interiors, but I thought you might like to indulge in some holiday snaps!

Next time, I promise I will inspire you and explore all the delights and wonders of Berlin and it’s go-to bars, food venues and indeed night life. Although I will be doing this after a well deserved rest from the half marathon and probably, more accurately, the recovery of gluttony and vast amounts of alcohol; wish me luck…


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