The first change.

I thought I’d share with you my first real change of 2017. It may not seem like a huge deal at first glance, but I’m hopeful that the initial efforts will impress the majority of London/ city commuters across the country. It’s quite revolutionary.

I’ve been getting the bus to work. *Applause*

I know, I know. I can feel the floods of fascination hurling towards me as I admit this to you. It’s teamed with doses of despair and shock too I notice. It’s an enormous step to make, going from tube to bus. From underground to over ground. Standing to sitting down…your entire journey. No air to lots of it; albeit heavily polluted. Still not convinced? Admittedly, yes, it is a little longer, and yes, I do have to leave slightly earlier but the pros definitely out weigh the cons for me. It’s a much calmer experience all round. You can enjoy a book without getting glared at, as your stance takes up an extra inch of breathing space. That’s a huge plus too, you have more space! And you don’t have to become accustomed to a smelly pit in your face. So far *touches wood* there have been no delays and I’ve arrived at work earlier and a lot happier in general. You can amuse yourself on your phone, without the stop start of free wifi at stations. On the bus it’s constant! Also, here’s a thought, why not fully embrace your freedom and actually speak to someone?! Use your phone as it was intended. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the Grandparents, they’re always up at the crack of dawn anyway. The best thing for me too, is that it gives me ample amount of time to write up a quick post for you all to read. I call that hitting two birds with one stone I think!

Start with small changes, for bigger benefits in the long run. Go on, give the bus a chance…Wishing you all happy commutes!

Illustration found on Etsy.

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