The Bread Station

I just had to shed some light and share with you this popular little café full of Danish baking delights. Under the arches next to London Fields station, you will find a handful of unique, independent businesses.

Amongst them is this formidable bakery. Modest and paired back in its appearance, it is formidable in the simplicity and honesty of its product. Bread. Made with flour, water, salt (and above all else) a whole lot of love.

Michelin Star Chef Christoffer Hruskova teamed up with Danish baking master Per Brun to bring the best of Scandinavian baking to the London wholesale market. Together, they have perfected a recipe from Danish traditions, that produces high quality, organic, wholegrain sourdough bread. With your first buttery bite, you intrinsically appreciate every effort they undergo to create something so simple, so delicious. Sourcing the grain from small British farmers, to stone milling their own flour on site everyday. It is a true labour of love! They are on a bread mission. And that is to revive the old traditions of Danish baking.

Proof they mill their own!

Simplicity is prominent throughout this space. You literally walk straight through the middle of the bakery if nature calls! There’s a definite sense of Hygge too; befitting considering what they bring to the table. You feel humbled and comfortable and just, well, very happy here! They have created a wonderfully warming atmosphere in a space which could quite easily have felt very drab and cold. It’s the details, considerations, and I think, our own recognitions of their passion, that plays a part in bringing this place to life.

Some apt reading for the table.

Do yourself a flavour favour. Visit The Bread Station this weekend. You will feel instantly welcome, and will taste the most incredible bread/ cake/ sandwich you have ever tasted. The coffee isn’t half bad either. It is a relatively small cafe though, the priority is quite noticeably the production bakery; and rightly so! It’s worth bearing in mind before your visit, as it will become busy quite quickly!

Click on the link below to find out more about their wholesale offer, blog and contact details.

The Bread Station


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