Mexican tiles

I had a fun day at work the other day. I’d set up a few supplier meetings earlier in the week, and this was the day I got to learn about the treasures they had to offer. I thought I’d quickly share with you what I found out… 

Milagros is an independent Mexican tile shop on Columbia Road. The owner, Tom, is probably the most interesting person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The fact that my boyfriend and I are keen on visiting Mexico, most certainly helped the flow of conversation! Still, he has an incredible story. Tom has travelled extensively through Mexico since 1990, when he first travelled there in an old Saab from California. After multiple trips, he convinced his young family to join him to spend six months living there. Thanks to this, he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the country and culture. He continues to explore Mexico extensively to this day, to sought out the very best, authentic craftsmanship the country has to offer.

Milagros have been working directly with individual makers and workshops for many years. They create quality hand-made products, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design. It is important for Tom to conduct his business in a way that is mutually beneficial, to give his makers a reasonable income for their craft, as well as providing customers with unique hand made products at a fair price. All of their products are sourced in Mexico. We were particularly interested in the range of incredible Mexican tiles, however this is just one element of his offerings.

Check out their website below and discover what else you can get your hands on. What’s more, why not pop over to their store- you might see me there!



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