“Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

I’ve never been a believer in this quote actually! However, this is a bit of an apology post, and so I hope that this saying rings true on some level with you lovely people. I have been absolutely hopeless with this blog. But, if I can be completely honest, I have been rather preoccupied with something I haven’t been able to express, until now. And because I can shout it from the rooftops, I’m afraid, it will be all I talk about, and will become the central themes of my blog for the foreseeable future…

This blog will become a platform for all of our travelling adventures. That’s right! We’ve taken the plunge. We’re off travelling, and now it’s out in the open, it all suddenly feels very real! Our journey begins at the end of July. We have 5 months of budget backpacking before we arrive in Sydney, Australia for the New Year- no return flight home booked! This has been a dream of mine ever since I researched “Round the World” gap years for my A.S Graphics final project (that’s a long time ago, by the way!) For whatever reason it never happened, and in a way I’m glad because I am truly ready for it now. I’m not going to lie, it’s possible the looming fact of turning 30 this year was a key motivator for this decision. We found ourselves at a bit of a cross roads. Do we settle down, save for a deposit, get a dog, try for a baby? I mean… we are seriously desperate for a dog! But the rest of it? That’s just too much responsibility for me still. I’m not finished being selfish with my life just yet! However, all these things are what we want eventually. Life’s too short for hesitation. And so we were presented with a now or never situation. And at the risk of regret, we chose now.

We will visit 9 different countries and I intend to post on the go. I’m not sure specifically what they will be about until I get there. I figure it will be a very organic process. A log of inspirations, conversations, and everything in between. Leading up, I will post brief blogs about each country we will visit. So please feel free to advise and recommend any points of interest from your own experiences. We welcome all of your insights. Boy, will we need them!

And so, tapping back into the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” analogy. I hope that whilst I am away my following will grow, because you will want to hear about all of our adventures along the way. Our first stop on our itinerary… Vancouver, Canada.

never know




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