The first change.

I thought I’d share with you my first real change of 2017. It may not seem like a huge deal at first glance, but I’m hopeful that the initial efforts will impress the majority of London/ city commuters across the country. It’s quite revolutionary.

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Looking forward to 2017

What a year already! If last year taught us anything it was, perhaps, to expect the unexpected. I think I might bear that in mind venturing into 2017!

It could be a good mantra to go by really, if you think about it. It might make you push yourself that little bit more and challenge yourself further than you could ever imagine. I’m not promoting complacency here though- nothing is ever handed to you on a plate. It’s time to be tenacious, keep your wits about you and embrace change. Shake things up this year and do something out of the ordinary. Why not set your sights on something you really want and do it. Strive towards that promotion. Organise that once in a lifetime trip. Sign up for that half marathon you were deliberating last year- or even a marathon! (You’ll be braver than I am!) I feel there’s an over-whelming sense of “anything is possible” for the year ahead.

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